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What is it like to work at Penn National Gaming? See what our current team members have to say about their jobs and why they “Work Happy.”

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Whether you prefer being at the center of it all or working behind the scenes, there’s a role for you at Penn National Gaming. We are a growing company but as big as we are, we still feel like family. The areas of career opportunity with Penn are ideal for just about any skill set. Our company wide commitment to making sure our guests smile as much as we do means you’ll enjoy a fun working environment anywhere within the organization.

We want our team members to work happy. By creating a fun and energized work environment and hiring upbeat, talented, service-focused people, we’ve created a standard for excellence that is renowned.

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right-dots Customer Service right-dots

Our customer service members play a leading role in providing the star treatment our guests deserve. With the support of a national company behind you — and genuinely happy co-workers beside you — you are sure to find a winning role that meets your career needs.

right-dots Beverage Server right-dots

You may not be sitting much in this job, but you will enjoy the view. That is because at Penn National Gaming you are a leader.  A role model. A key part of our success. And chances are you'll become one of our most outspoken fans.

Learn more about being one of our beverage servers.

right-dots Cage Cashier right-dots


Do you like working with customers and money in a fast-paced environment? Perhaps cage cashier is the career for you.

Learn what it takes, on a daily basis, to be successful in this role.

right-dots Cook right-dots

Does working in a fast-paced environment preparing fabulous food sound ideal?

Learn what it takes to excel in our kitchens.

right-dots EVS Attendant/Housekeeper right-dots

Making sure our properties are clean and inviting for our customers is paramount.

Learn how our environmental services attendants ensure our customers have a great experience because of what they do every day.

right-dots Security Officer right-dots

Not only is the safety and security of our guests important, so is providing a red-carpet experience.

See how our security guards combine both skills to ensure our customers are taken care of at every Penn National Gaming property.

right-dots Sous Chef right-dots

Careers at Penn National Gaming are different because of our people, the fun and excitement of our industry, and our company-wide commitment to exceeding guest expectations. Put it all together, and it is no wonder our employees seem happier than most.

See what it is like to be a sous chef at a Penn National Gaming restaurant.

right-dots Table Games Dealer right-dots

Do you like interacting with customers and are quick at math?  Ever thought about becoming a dealer? 

Take a look at some of the aspects of being successful in this role at Penn National Gaming casinos.