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Penn national Gaming sustainability initiatives

Penn National is dedicated to creating a positive and lasting impact on the environment and has launched sustainability initiatives, led by our Corporate and property-level operating teams and designated “Green Teams,” at our casinos, racetracks and resorts throughout the United States.

All three of Penn National’s latest greenfield developments were certified as LEED® Gold or LEED® Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council, and our newest developments include additional energy efficiencies, such as:

  • LED lighting
  • EV charging stations
  • Water conserving toilets
  • Water bottle refilling stations
  • HVAC improvements to maximize efficiencies
  • AER-DEC® integrated sinks, which are the future of sustainable restroom design, combining a soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer and sink basin all in one touch-free, hygienic, highly efficient system

We are planning to incorporate similar improvements to those listed above at all of our hotel properties as we continuously refresh our regular room refreshing and remodeling plans. Already, more than 80 percent of our properties have completed an energy-efficient lighting retrofit program. With a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs and a more efficient use of electricity, LED bulbs allow our properties to collectively reduce their annual energy consumption by millions of kilowatt hours annually. Click here for more details

Given the significant COVID-19 related temporary property closures in 2020, the following summary is from 2019:

  • Total LED projects have reduced kWh consumption by 52.4 million kWh, which equates to an 11% reduction for all impacted properties.
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions by 40,830 tons per the EPA Greenhouse Gas Conversion Calculator.
  • Through our power purchasing program with Constellation Energy, 145 million kWh’s were contracted as carbon free power.

In addition, through regular audits of energy consumption at our properties, we’re continuing to develop custom initiatives, such as HVAC energy management projects and thermostat control systems, to ensure the most efficient use of electricity.

We have installed integrated shower amenity dispensers containing shampoo, conditioner and body wash at more than half of our hotel properties. These new containers can significantly reduce the plastic and product waste generated annually by single-use amenity bottles. For example, at Hollywood Casino St. Louis, which features a 502-room hotel, we’ve reduced plastic bottle use by 91% — or 550 pounds annually — which translates to nearly $50,000 in annual savings for that hotel alone. In addition, replacing paper towels with electric hand dryers and using coreless toilet paper rolls at the casino has led to a reduction of 22,000 pounds of paper waste annually there.

In an effort to conserve water, most of our hotel locations encourage guests to participate in linen and towel reuse programs. Behind the scenes, low-flow fittings and efficient use of laundry facilities help further curb water waste.

We currently have robust recycling programs in place at most of our properties nationwide (with plans to further expand the program), diverting recyclable materials produced by the casino and hotel operations away from landfills. Composting facilities, at a number of our properties allow for even more waste to be redirected. Additional waste reduction efforts at select properties — such as the use of plant-based and paper straws, the replacement of paper towels with electric hand dryers, and the elimination of Styrofoam — help further reduce waste directly at the source. These types of broad sustainability programs are designed to eliminate over 25,000 pounds of waste annually at each property.

Additionally, our operations and IT teams have laid the groundwork for implementing a new generation of cashless, cardless, and contactless technology at our casinos, which we refer to as the 3Cs, that will help to eliminate a significant amount of plastic and paper waste from membership cards and printed tickets from our slot machines, self-serve kiosks and ATMs. It will also lead to an ongoing reduction of direct mail to consumers.

right-dots Environmental Policy right-dots

At Penn National Gaming, we’re committed to safeguarding our natural resources and helping to protect the environment. To that end, we foster a culture of environmental excellence throughout our organization by meeting or exceeding environmental regulations; implementing environmentally sound policies; and engaging with customers, suppliers and communities on environmental impacts and opportunities for improvement.

Plainridge Park casino-A leed Gold Facility

Plainridge Park Casino in Massachusetts, which opened in 2015, is a certified LEED® Gold facility in which 75 percent of the existing building structure was constructed from reclaimed materials. Approximately 98 percent of its construction waste was diverted for recycling and re-use and 50 percent of the wood on the project was from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests. In addition, the building derives 12 percent of its electricity from a solar panel system on the roof of the casino and the parking garage. Overall, the building uses 26 percent less energy through the use of the solar panels and high efficiency equipment in our restaurants. The building also uses 42 percent less water through the use of high efficiency plumbing fixtures and equipment, and it has water efficient landscaping that provides a 55 percent water use savings with no potable water used. Finally, the property has 20 fleet car charging stations on the second-floor garage parking and spaces for low emission fuel vehicles throughout our parking lots.