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Interaction With Suppliers

A key component of the purchasing process is the interaction with suppliers. Determining the appropriate level of supplier interaction and limiting contact to those specific circumstances establishes and maintains the integrity of the process.

Prior to issuing a Purchase Order, Penn National Gaming requires suppliers to complete and submit a Supplier Profile application online. In addition to the Supplier Profile application, and depending on the type of business, certain other information may be required as the result of state laws or regulations.

Once suppliers have been established in the system, interaction will be necessary to understand their product lines and services, solicit bids, verify product availability and pricing, award bids, discuss delivery discrepancies, coordinate samples, place orders and secure cost quotes. There may also be an occasional need to discuss concerns with products, services or performance.

Penn National Gaming, Inc. uses the Coupa procure-to-pay (P2P) system. Purchase orders issued to suppliers from Coupa must be electronically invoiced using the available tools, which include Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN) e-mails and the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). B2B integration is an available alternative for e-invoicing in cases where the supplier meets the minimum invoice transaction volume and supports cXML as the delivery method.


Procurement Policies

  • A solid financial standing
  • A proven track record
  • References
  • Competitive with quality and pricing
  • Timely price quotes
  • Consistent, on-time deliveries
  • Electronic invoicing of Coupa POs


Ethics Hotline

Penn National Gaming Inc. is committed to conducting its business at all times in a legal and ethical manner and in compliance with our Code of Conduct.

If you, as a vendor, have a concern regarding unethical or unlawful activity, please report your concern anonymously to the Ethics Hotline online here or by calling 877-864-9164. We strongly encourage our employees and business partners to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Vendor Procurement Policies.

The Ethics Hotline is a confidential tool that allows you to report violations and/or misconduct, including:

  • Financial Fraud
  • Accounting Matters
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Solicitation of Gifts, Favors and Entertainment
  • Confidential Information
  • Conflicts of Interest


The Ethics Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is designed to protect your confidentiality. Penn National Gaming Inc. prohibits retaliation and encourages an “open door” culture.


Delivery Policies

At all properties, supplier deliveries must be made to the receiving dock except where specific provisions have been made to deliver products directly to the user, or other provisions which would apply to controlled shipments. Suppliers are not permitted to deliver items directly to the ordering department or to Purchasing, unless specifically authorized. Suppliers or their representatives are not permitted to place items directly into the storeroom or warehouse, except for those suppliers that manage the par stock level for the Property such as those that provide bread and dairy products. These suppliers will be accompanied by a Receiving Department employee or escort. Only in emergencies will the property receive products from suppliers after Receiving’s normal work hours. Delivery of products after receiving hours should not be permitted to occur on a regular basis.

Maintaining a proper working relationship with suppliers requires positive steps on the part of the property managers, purchasing departments, corporate purchasing, receiving and accounts payable.


Procurement Goals

In addition to licensing requirements, in some locations the company has committed to certain procurement goals for purchasing from certified minority, female-owned, veteran-owned, and from local or in-state firms. In some, but not all, of these locations, there are specific certification requirements relative to these firms and how they are calculated toward meeting these goals. The certification requirements may vary by location within the same state. This is true whether these commitments were made to the state or local governments where the property is located. Corporate Purchasing will facilitate training so that the purchasing staff is familiar with these requirements and ensure that best efforts are made to comply with specific commitments.

right-dots Licensing Requirements right-dots

Licensing requirements vary by state

Varying license requirements are mandatory for companies providing gaming equipment or supplies in every state.

The company must confirm that gaming equipment suppliers are licensed prior to purchasing any goods or services from them.

In some states, there are also licensing requirements for suppliers that provide non-gaming equipment. These licensing requirements also vary from state to state.

The purchasing staff at each property must be familiar with the applicable requirements to ensure continued compliance.